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DELTA PARTNERS - Legal & Executive Search

Delta Partners is a boutique legal and executive search and selection firm offering a range of recruitment strategies to the professional services sector. Our company was established by Anne Winckel, Managing Director.

All Consultants and Staff at Delta Partners are committed to providing the highest level of confidentiality and professionalism.

Delta Partners works closely with our candidates to identify potential career paths, to propose options and to facilitate job applications in the most confidential and effective manner.

We work closely with our clients to identify and secure the right individuals and merger partners to grow each organisation. Delta Partners aims to promote our clients effectively in the marketplace and to facilitate their ongoing success.


SERVICES - Recruitment & Mergers

Our recruitment strategies include both retained and contingency based approaches:

  • Executive Search based on a thorough market report;
  • Advertised Assignments;
  • Direct Approaches on Instruction; and
  • Recruitment Selection on a Contingency Basis.

Delta Partners also specialises in mergers and acquisitions of legal firms. We work alongside our clients to assist them with sourcing, targeting and securing merger partners for their future growth or succession planning strategies.

We will advise on relevant negotiations, and provide guidance
with regard to how you should handle your due diligence and assimilation plans between merging firms.