Anne Winckel

Senior lawyers and executives are intelligent and talented individuals who are driven to achieve outstanding results. You are generally able to succeed no matter which road (or river) you take.

However, whether you are an Employer or a Job Seeker, we believe it is worth asking the following
questions - what we call DELTA QUESTIONS...


If you are an EMPLOYER, your DELTA QUESTIONS are:

•      Can a Search Consultant assist you in identifying & securing your ideal next employee?
•      Could the right person be too busy in their current job, to consider making an application?
•      Will the right person feel more secure applying through a confidential consultancy?
•      Will you benefit from us advertising on your behalf or making confidential approaches?
•      Will you benefit from a thorough report on the market to shed light on the prospects?


If you are a JOB SEEKER, your DELTA QUESTIONS are:

•     Is it time to re-assess where you are in your journey and what your destination is?
•     Is it time to use an experienced Consultant to shed light on the market and your options?
•     Will you make a more informed decision about your future if you review your alternatives?
•     Can a Consultant contact an employer confidentially & anonymously on your behalf?